A Peak Inside An Afternoon Retreat - Karma Studio

A peak inside an Afternoon Retreat

Shoes at the door, leaving the world behind me… I’ll be honest with you I didn’t realize how stressed I had become until my drive to the Retreat at The Karma Studio.  Arriving with no expectation apart from very tight shoulders.  From the  moment I stepped through the doors of the Retreat a feeling instantly held me and allowed me to leave my worries at the door along with those old tired shoes of mine.  Believe me I’m not the kind of person that switches off easily.  There is always a mini internal battle between myself and my mate the green eyed saboteur who loves a good old clash of the titans match.

The beautiful space held for me allowed this feeling of instant surrender.  Battle not an option as the door was closed gently behind me.  We started the day with a beautiful opening ceremony setting our own personal intention for the day, moving into the first hour of yin yoga.  I was not familiar with this form of restorative letting go but by the time the first hour was up my blissful state then carried me out of the room and towards a delicious plate of fresh fruit, a cup of tea and a warm detoxifying foot spa.

Wow Wow Wow and the day has only just begun.  The energy and music flowing through the house, so serene and nurturing you can’t help but surrender completely and just let go.  I have never felt this much bliss so quickly ever before in my life.  As my feet just want to float away the bell rings to beckon me to the massage room for some MORE delicious pampering.

The dim light, the intoxicating smells, the silence only for some relaxing music in the background I surrender yet again under some very experienced hands.  Off again to a dream like space where there is nothing to do, nowhere to go but to bliss out.  A little light snack then I hear the yoga room calling to me to seal off a perfect end to a perfect day.  Heavenly Shivasana one of my favourite parts, followed by a burning ceremony of our unwanted baggage finishing off with an extremely delicious shared meal.  I almost forgot about my husband, daughter and life outside the Karma Studio walls.  I’ll be back soon Karma Studio, I’ll be back very soon… Namaste