Stress Just A Little - Depressed Business Woman

Stress: just a little

Stress, anxiety and other related issues are some of those things of which we need a little. In our day-to-day lives at work and at home, in our pursuits and endeavours, stress is the normal human reaction to pressurised circumstances. It is necessary so that we stay on our guard, avoid complacency or error, it heightens our awareness and actually produces better outcomes. But when one has too much stress over a prolonged period of time, that’s where the problems arise.

Even if you think that you’re a person who isn’t prone to stress, who has a good handle on most things that life throws at you, monitor yourself and try to identify some of the less noticeable signs: fine hand tremors, dilated pupils and sensitivity to noise.

Take some time everyday for yourself. A dear friend of mine calls it “Me Time”. I used to scoff at it thinking she was wasting good time taking an hour every evening for herself to indulge in the things she loves to do. But I now know how wrong I was.