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The True Power of Yoga in my Life

The real benefits of Yoga for me go well beyond an exercise class.  To commit to Yoga as part of your life is to strongly commit to yourself.  For me Yoga at the Karma Studio has always been part of my spiritual practice.  It has never been a big class where you get lost and uncorrected in your positions.  That being said on many occasions I have had to push myself to go and it has been those times where I have reaped the most rewards.  Going inward, slowing down the mind and really paying homage to self for a mere 1.5 hours of bliss is hard to find any place else.  “Hit the Mat” as they say and the most difficult of issues in your mind can unravel, settle and suddenly make sense.

In my humble opinion life shouldn’t about complication.  Simplicity is the key, and wherever possible moving with the beautiful ebb and flow of life is what we should all strive for in this crazy busy world we live in.

I feel like I have finally found this calm and balance in my life and it feels wonderful.  Taking the rough rocky path over and over again thinking the harder I work the better I will be has been a load of hogwash for me.  Suddenly stopping to smell the roses and enjoying the scenery has got me to my destination (never the final one…) unscathed, feeling fresh, revived and blissful.  I challenge you to find your nirvana.  Balance and Simplicity for me was the key.  Feeling so blessed to have such an amazing Mentor as Jennifer Berridge in my life.

The next block of Yoga and Pilates (September/October) is about to start.  So join us!, “Hit the Mat” and see what all the fuss is about.

Namaste in the most beautiful way, I just have to look at my daughter and feel blessed every day X