A peak inside an Afternoon Retreat

Shoes at the door, leaving the world behind me… I’ll be honest with you I didn’t realize how stressed I had become until my drive to the Retreat at The Karma Studio.  Arriving with no expectation apart from very tight shoulders.  From the  moment I stepped through the doors of the Retreat a feeling instantly

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The True Power of Yoga in my Life

The real benefits of Yoga for me go well beyond an exercise class.  To commit to Yoga as part of your life is to strongly commit to yourself.  For me Yoga at the Karma Studio has always been part of my spiritual practice.  It has never been a big class where you get lost and uncorrected

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Can you still your mind for business success?

Karma Studio ran their first workshop at the Bayside Business Network, Still Your Mind for Business Success, at Sandringham Yacht Club on Monday the 26th of May. With more than 25 in attendance, it was a departure from the usual BBN seminar fare (full disclosure: I too presented a talk on writing and rhetoric earlier

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