Neti or not to Neti that is the question…

It started as a cold that seemed to never end as my head seemed to get heavier and heavier. Never a great sufferer of sinus it never occurred to me that I was experiencing a bad bout of sinus infection.  Feeling too crap day in day out to see past the clouds and capable of

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Sweet Aromas

With shops laden with perfumes and aftershaves it would have never have crossed my mind that they would ever drain your energy.  Interesting.  Always a cynic until I experience something for myself.  A few weeks ago I was given the gift of a beautiful bottle of Young Living (seed to seal) essential oil blend called

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Held in Healing Hands

With a spring in my step and a song in my heart I depart with joy from the healing hands of Jennifer Berridge, Creator and resident Healer of the Karma Studio. Soldiering on with my day, working, looking after my family needs.  You just do it.  A quote that is dawning to be very true

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