How can you reconnect your body and mind to help make your normal life less stressful?

Create more time for exercise and mindfulness

While COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have added stress and anxiety to many people’s lives, for others it has forced them to slow down, relax and do less. If you rediscovered a less stressful you during the lockdowns, have you ever wondered how you can continue your relaxed approach during normal life?

To answer this question, we perhaps need to look at exactly what was different during lockdown than at other times in our lives. While the specifics may be different for everyone, it’s likely that a combination of less work, and less opportunity to socialise and run around after the kids, allowed you to spend more time doing other things that you enjoy, as well as more time for exercise and mindfulness.

As we’ve eased back out of lockdown – and we’re all thankful of that – your normal fast-paced life has likely returned. And so too have the normal stresses and overwhelming feelings. While these stresses are a normal part of life and can be expected, there are things you can do to ensure they don’t overwhelm you.

Connect with your body and your mind

One of the reasons many of us feel stressed and overwhelmed is that we’ve lost the connection between our minds and our bodies. Our mind is busy thinking of what we’ve got do next or what we should have done last week. Worse still, it can often get caught up going over and over negative thoughts and worries. At the same time, our bodies can become tired and tense. The result is that you often feel exhausted.

How can you bring the mind and the body back together? Well, in fact, you can do many things. In theory these things are really simple, but it does take a while to get it right.

The trick is to find a reasonably gentle activity or activities that you do every day. It might be going for a walk, meditating, doing yoga or even standing in front of the mirror doing your teeth!

While you are doing the activity, try to focus on the mind and body. Make them be present and in the moment. Really take notice how your body is feeling. If negative feelings, emotions or distractions take over, try to put them to the side. It’s not about dismissing them, but parking them for later. This time is about thinking about what you are doing now, at this moment.

As we said, it can take a while to get it right. That’s okay; remember you are trying to break habits that you’ve likely built up over years. It’s going to take some time to train your mind to be more focused and conscious.

Over time you will hopefully find yourself doing more and more activities where you are focussed and in the moment. You might even find yourself being present and focused while doing the housework!

The Karma Studio can help

The Karma Studio can help you reconnect your body and mind. For example, our Healing Sessions can combine a range of modalities to suit your specific needs, including yoga, needle therapy, essential oils, massage and breath work. The sessions are held by Jennifer Berridge and bring together over 35 years of her healing experience.

To find out more about the Healing Sessions and to book, go to our Healing page.


How can you reconnect your body and mind to help make your normal life less stressful?