Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra forms an integral part of The Karma Studio’s yoga programs. It is an integrative and systematic relaxation technique that completes a 1.5-hour yoga session. In Western terminology it is called ‘psychic sleep’.

Yoga NidraIt can be used any time of the day and anywhere to give your energy levels a boost if you feel you’re getting low. It could be described as a lying form of meditation which increases your awareness during which time your heart slows and your breathing regulates itself.

A comprehensive run-down of the theory and practice of yoga nidra can be found on the ABC’s website. It must be borne in mind that yoga nidra is not meditation. You are lying as opposed to sitting with an erect spine. Yoga nidra is also classed as a state between being awake and sleeping. Meditation is completely awake.

International Yoga has a link to a great video which gives some insight into yoga nidra. Have a look today.

Courtesy Shreyas Yoga Retreat for the above image.

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