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Let us create the space for you to profoundly rest and rediscover your essential nature

Melbourne Bayside Massage, Yoga and Natural Therapy

We offer a suite of modalities to support you and your wellbeing


Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.


Here at The Karma Studio we bring you to balance, peace and empowerment through the art of touch. A variety of massage services are available.


We offer a more personalised form of yoga with small groups in 2-month blocks. Our sessions are suitable for beginners and those with experience.


Take part in a unique take on meditation known as iRest Yoga Nidra, which is an ancient transformative practice of deep relaxation and meditative inquiry.

Afternoon Retreats

At our afternoon retreats our team create a space for you to rest and restore your sense of balance. Includes gentle yoga, massage, reflexology, and more.

International Yoga Retreat

Join us in Southern Crete and learn to be a Cretan! Have a relaxing time that incorporates yoga, meditation, hiking, and one beautiful sunset boat trip!

Japanese Needle Therapy

Do you suffer from high levels of stress and anxiety, stress-related headaches, muscle tension / pain, etc? Japanese Needle Therapy may be for you.


Reflexology involves massaging specific reflex points on the feet to relieve tension and treat illness. It activates healing of the mind, body, emotions and spirit.


Our new Healing Sessions aim to bring together over 35 years of healing experience, to leave you balanced and strengthened.


Our enchanting evenings of Chanting have now become a major event 3 times a year so be sure to book into our next evening.

What Our clients
say about Us

"I suffer from an incurable disease. As part of this, I have a lot of muscle stiffness and associated pain. Over the last eleven years, I have benefitted from regular therapeutic massage from Jenn at the Karma Studio. Jenn has created a centre of calm, wellness, positivity and healing, and with her holistic approach to improving health, she has offered me diverse treatment options, from simple measures like learning to control breathing, to indulgent pampering retreats, to sunrise yoga at the beach. Despite my dire situation, Jenn has always encouraged me to seek the best possible quality of life, with her expert therapy, delivered with calmness, sensitivity, and humour."
“I have really enjoyed reconnecting with my yoga practice with Jen. I have been recovering from a hip operation and I found the classess focussed, calming and intense enough to give me a great work out. The relaxation at the beginning and end of the class is particularly good where Jen’s healing energy shines through. Above all else, I walk away feeling great and centred ready to tackle the week.”
Louise G
"I have been attending yoga classes taught by Jen for over 3 years and can't live without it! Jen has been teaching for a long time, which is particularly apparent in her ability to teach people of all abilities and levels of experience. The classes are kept small, which means you always get one-on-one attention to ensure you're doing poses correctly (and safely), and the poses change between each lesson, which keeps things both challenging and interesting."
Kylie M


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Our staff have decades of experience and qualifications across a wide range of health services.

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Let us create the space for you to profoundly rest
and rediscover your essential nature

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