The benefits of health retreats

Search for health or wellness retreats on the Internet and you’ll find a plethora on offer. From yoga retreats and meditation retreats, to detox retreats and some that offer a little of everything. There’s no shortage of health retreats that claim to pamper, relax, destress and improve you.

So are health retreats worth the considerable investment you’ll need to make? What are the benefits of going on a retreat and how long lasting are these benefits? Let’s take a closer look.

Health retreat benefits

  • One or more yoga, meditation and other health sessions a week are beneficial, but to truly immerse yourself in improving your wellbeing, a retreat is ideal. You can get away from the stresses and anxiety of daily life and focus on improving you. It is called a retreat for a reason!
  • If you have an issue in your life – whether it’s a personal issue, a health problem, a career issue or something else – getting away from the issue, unwinding and resting can provide clarity and a way forward.
  • Most of us understand the importance of relaxing and destressing, but many of us don’t make the time to do it. Booking a health retreat is a way of giving yourself permission to relax and practice mindfulness.
  • Many people who attend retreats talk about feeling recharged, reenergised and having increased clarity in their lives.
  • In 2018, RMIT conducted a review of 23 studies looking at the health impact of retreats. The studies involved nearly 2600 participants. All 23 studies reported post-retreat health benefits that were immediate and in some cases lasting up to five years post-retreat.
  • The same review identified that health retreats can provide benefits for people suffering from chronic diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, various cancers, HIV/AIDS, heart conditions and mental health issues.

Do your research on health retreats

There are a couple of qualifiers we should make, both of which should be obvious but are worth pointing out.

First off, the level of benefits will depend significantly on the retreat provider. Not all retreats are created equal and like most things in life, there are good and bad examples. So, it’s important for you to do your research and choose a health retreat with good references and reviews.

Individual needs and attitudes also come into play. By this we mean that it’s important that you choose a retreat that will suit your needs, likes and dislikes. Again, thorough research will help you identify retreats that are the right fit. Then, when you have chosen a retreat, it’s important to go with a good, open attitude. If you go to a retreat with a negative, closed attitude, it’s unlikely you’ll receive the full benefit.

Health retreats bring karma

The Karma Studio has helped run many health retreats over the years, including a Transformational Winter Retreat a month ago. Participant, Sarah, was full of praise for the retreat:

“When you embark on a retreat you expect a certain standard of accommodation and comfort. A retreat with The Karma Studio certainly offers this – but so much more!

“The retreat experience saw me accepted, welcomed and supported every step of the way without it feeling at all intrusive. I could participate in every activity and found common ground with the other participants. It was truly transformative. It empowered me to take the steps I need to take for healing and transformation.“

A similar retreat, called the Transformational Spring Retreat, is fast approaching and if you’d like to participate, limited numbers still remain. See our website for more details and to find out how to book.