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Stretch yourself with yin yoga

If you live in Bayside Melbourne and are finding the pace of modern life a little on the fast side, slow everything down a notch with a yin yoga session at The Karma Studio. What is yin yoga? We’ve all probably heard of yin and yang and its philosophies of negative and positive, dualism, balance […]

Sandringham’s healing centre

Many studios offer healing therapies such as yoga, needle therapy, essential oils and massage, but what if there was a studio that offered all these therapies in one session? Well, there is, and perhaps poetically the session is simply called Healing. The Karma Studio in Melbourne’s Bayside suburb of Sandringham offers the Healing sessions. They’re […]

Therapeutic massage a COVID-19 breaker

The introduction of The Karma Studio’s therapeutic massage page asks, “Are you tense, sore, anxious or tired?” and it’s fair to say that after months of lockdown in Bayside Melbourne that most of us are. Thankfully, it won’t be long before we can all enjoy a massage again as we near the end of strict […]

Needle therapy can sting you back into balance

Does your body feel a little out of balance or weak? Is your nutrition lacking? Are you feeling stressed and anxious? Get ready to try Japanese acupuncture or needle therapy. Yes, it may involve inserting needles into your body, but we promise it won’t hurt a bit! Like many eastern therapies, Japanese needle therapy has […]

Benefit from the power of the breath with yoga or meditation

Now more than ever in Australia, and particularly in Melbourne, more of us are feeling anxious, stressed, depressed, frustrated or angry… And often all at the same time! Thankfully, there’s a simple thing you can do to alleviate these feelings and it involves nothing more than doing what comes naturally. Just breathe. That’s right; in, […]

Meditation classes in a COVID-19 world

For many, COVID-19 has brought increased stress and anxiety to their world, at a time when they may not be able to attend organised meditation classes that can help manage stress and anxiety. Thankfully, organisations like The Karma Studio in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Sandringham have found a way around this, so you can […]

Restore your health with restorative yoga

All yoga can provide benefits for your mind and body, but there’s one type of yoga that can truly restore your health and that’s restorative yoga. For the uninitiated, restorative yoga looks like traditional yoga in slow motion. The idea is to relax as deeply as possible into the stretches and postures. Little physical effort […]

Finding Strength Within

We have all faced moments in our lives when the pressure mounts beyond what we feel we can handle, and we find ourselves thinking that we do not have the strength to carry on. Sometimes we have just gotten through a major obstacle or illness only to find another one waiting for us the moment […]

Pausing To Listen

Even short 5 minute meditations can be beneficial. With great challenges around us and  being overwhelmed by uncertainty and fear of the future, the rational parts of our brains go offline. By taking a moment to become aware of our angst and what has prompted it, we give our prefrontal cortex – the brain’s rational […]

Immune System

Hello Everyone, Just touching base from The Karma Studio… Well I started off feeling like everyone was over reacting and spent sometime with my head in the sand and then I decided I needed to take responsibility and make a shift, I started listening to the professionals about what is really going on with the […]