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Immune System

Hello Everyone, Just touching base from The Karma Studio… Well I started off feeling like everyone was over reacting and spent sometime with my head in the sand and then I decided I needed to take responsibility and make a shift, I started listening to the professionals about what is really going on with the […]

Does Meditation Change our Lives?

Below is some research from the iRest Institute with whom I’m finishing my Certification shortly as a Certified iRest Teacher. I run an 8 week iRest Yoga Nidra course regularly  here at the studio in Sandringham but am aiming to take these  courses outside to workplace venues or small groups, as you can see the […]

The Power of Silence

Ever since I went to a Vipassana Buddhist Meditation course when I was 22, ( nearly 40 years ago!! ) where we meditated 8 hours a day and stayed silence for 10 days, I have been fascinated by silence. Although  the whole experience was  gruelling physically and emotionally what my friend I remember distinctly was […]

Saving and Conservation through Meditation

Squirrel habits reminds us to set aside some of our most precious resources as an investment for the future. Native Americans considered all living beings as brothers and sisters that had much to teach including squirrels. These small creatures taught them to work in harmony with the cycles of nature by conserving for the winter […]

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

Do you often have that “knot in the gut” feeling which seems to be associated with stress an anxiety?….abdominal massage can help to relieve some of your uncomfortable symptoms, massage has many health benefits, including helping you to unwind. Learning the proper techniques for self-applied stomach massage can alleviate gas and digestive issues, as well […]

My Amazing Week at the Silent Retreat

A couple of weeks ago I went on an amazing weeks Silent iRest Yoga Nidra Retreat in Sydney which was part of my Training as an iRest Meditation teacher. Ive been listening to Richard Millers voice on tapes and videos for the past two years so it was very special to meet him in person, he […]

Deep Rest!

We have been in this beautiful new Centre now for nearly 8 months its hard to believe. Bungarran House holds 3 health businesses The Karma Studio, Better Body Sanctuary and Triskele Healing. We all get along beautifully and believe we are creating a special place for people to come and rest, rejuvenate and recover from the […]


I feel like we are returning home to the place where it all started for me so many years ago. I remember the day so clearly pulling up at the intersection of bay and bluff roads feeling so stressed out. A sign out the front of 194 was beckoning me, so I called, only to […]

Eat Myself Back to Good Health

It was such a welcome relief one Sunday in January to connect with the power of Ayurveda with Dr Mahesh Kalra.  Initially such a foreign concept yet given time to settle and experience I can now appreciate the wonders of the gift of life and health that this ancient system brings us. Food is medicine, explores […]