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What is Yin Yoga

In yoga, we use the concept of compression or tension to stretch or strengthen the tissues in our bodies. Yin Yoga does this by stressing the body’s tissues within a safe range, improving flexibility and working on strengthening the joints, tendons, and fascia. Yin yoga is more gentle than other forms of yoga, requiring us […]

Let fly in lockdown

With yet another lockdown in Victoria, it’s easy to get dispirited and let things go a bit. When you might have had a run or a walk after work, now you reach for a beer or a glass of wine. When you might meditate or do yoga in the morning, you just watch more mind-numbing […]

The benefits of health retreats

Search for health or wellness retreats on the Internet and you’ll find a plethora on offer. From yoga retreats and meditation retreats, to detox retreats and some that offer a little of everything. There’s no shortage of health retreats that claim to pamper, relax, destress and improve you. So are health retreats worth the considerable […]

Eat your way to better health

Do you struggle through each day feeling tired or stressed? Are you trying to improve your health, but continue to hit brick walls? Do you think there’s something wrong with your wellbeing, but you’re not sure what the issue is? While feeling healthy and happy is often the result of a combination of things – […]

Make wellbeing part of your routine

While the COVID-19 lockdowns were tough for most of us, one of the benefits was that more people had more time to devote to wellbeing. Whether it was taking a walk or doing yoga, we were able to make exercise and wellness activities a part of our normal routines. But that was then and this […]

Improve your life with iRest Yoga Nidra

Imagine if one activity could help with a range of issues. One thing that could help you sleep better, deal with pain, reduce stress and help you deal with depression. One endeavour that could make you more mindful and improve concentration and focus. Imagine no more, iRest Yoga Nidra is here! What is iRest Yoga […]

Create more time for exercise and mindfulness

While COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdowns have added stress and anxiety to many people’s lives, for others it has forced them to slow down, relax and do less. If you rediscovered a less stressful you during the lockdowns, have you ever wondered how you can continue your relaxed approach during normal life? To answer this […]

Yoga’s benefits for people with serious illnesses

It’s perhaps an understatement to describe yoga as merely popular. The cardio, strength and flexibility benefits of yoga mean that well over 2 million Australians participate each year. Yes, yoga is more popular than exercises such as pilates and aerobics. For many people, however, yoga isn’t just a way to stay healthy, strong and flexible. […]

The benefits of yoga on the immune system

We’ve probably heard the term ‘immune system’ in the news more this past 12 months than ever before, with COVID-19 front of mind and headlines, so what is your immune system and how can you improve it? You might be surprised that one of the ways is yoga. Yes, yoga can help improve your immune […]

Yoga plus meditation equals deep relaxation

Are you looking for a relaxation that is deeper than you ever thought possible? Are you looking for a relaxation that is so deep that it can help to heal? Welcome to iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation at The Karma Studio, in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Sandringham. iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation history While the name […]