Neti or not to Neti that is the question…

It started as a cold that seemed to never end as my head seemed to get heavier and heavier.

Never a great sufferer of sinus it never occurred to me that I was experiencing a bad bout of sinus
infection.  Feeling too crap day in day out to see past the clouds and capable of addressing the issue or even the day in front of me!

Checking in with “Mother Earth” Jenn from the Karma Studio, she sent me home with a natural prescription that literally worked overnight.  My nasal passages have not felt this clear or clean in a very long time.  All thanks to a Neti pot, olive oil, Himalayan salt and a combination of young living pure essential oils.

Neti pots, the squat, teapot-like devices used to flush out one’s sinuses, are the world’s oldest form of nasal irrigation and have been a part of the Indian Ayurvedic yoga tradition for thousands of years.

Before using your Neti pot be sure to use sterile water, good salt and treat the pot like you would a kitchen dish and wash thoroughly between use to avoid any potential bacteria growing.   Especially contamination from your Nasal passage and the pot.

The method I used was:-

  1. First start with a little olive oil or carrier oil.  Added 2 drops peppermint, 2 drops thieves and massage around your ears and sinus channels.  Note not in the ear, just around.
  2. Then prepare the neti pot, filling with warm sterile water.  You could use boiled cool water.  I then added 1 grain of “good” salt and mixed it into the warm sterile water.
  3. Then insert the spout of the pot into your right nostril tipping your head to the left.  After using around half of the water in the pot then switch over to the other nostril and repeat the process.

It definitely feels a little weird while the water travels up your nasal passage and then down and out the other nostril.

Very important to relax and don’t fight it.  Surrender to the good that it’s doing.  Don’t overdo the first experience as you might end up feeling a little water logged.

I woke up the next morning with the freshest head ever and decided to repeat during my morning shower.  I found it much easier to tackle in the shower rather than leaning over the sink then you can wriggle it around and get the best possible flow action happening.

I am now officially hooked and plan on enjoying this ritual on a regular basis.

Yet again, I thank you Miss Jenn for encouring me to try something new and natural instead of reaching for an antibiotic.

Warmest Regards, Feeling Awesome Louise