A little Guidance from Spirit…

Early in July 2016 I was lucky enough to have a session with an energetic healer.  This lady was the real deal!.  As a gifted Celtic Psychic Gwynneth Scott works with your Aura calling upon your spirit guides and Indigenous Australian spirit to access and release trapped energy in the body.


All I can say is “Wow”!

My Crown Shakra which is supposed to receive all that beautiful energy from the universe was bent out to the right.  My mind filled with junk and busy busy busy and my left creative side silent as a church mouse.  I must say I had been scared lately that my creative vent was feeling non existent and my right side of the brain just didn’t want to shut off and give me a rest!.  With my eyes shut, snug under blankets and a soothing eye pillow in place I could feel Gwynneth’s powers at work, energetically clearing the right side of my brain of all that junk and straightening up my crown Shakra.

Next we moved to my Third Eye and Throat Shakra also blocked and bent out of shape.  Your Third Eye being intuition, no wonder I have felt like a lost puppy lately.  Your Throat Shakra is all about speaking your truth and I have spent most of my life afraid to speak my truth for fear of getting in trouble.  Low and behold always having a sore throat.  This one is certainly going to be a slow process for me.  Always getting in trouble for speaking up when your young can have a serious impact on you as an adult!  I certainly won’t be shutting my daughter down for having an opinion.

Moving onto my Heart Shakra was like entering a thick dark swamp.  So much undealt with emotions causing so much sadness and heaviness.  I felt every bit of this cleanse with bucket loads of junk being removed and my spirit guides helping.  I just kept feeling this amazing weight being lifted from my being.

Another big one was moving down to my Sacral or Sex Shakra.  This is the area where my damaged large bowel lies with my condition or dis-ease in the body called Ulcerative Colitis.  This area was twisted and flat with no energy flowing through.  With constant lower back pain from a very difficult delivery of my daughter 3.5 years ago and 3 serious hospital flare-ups with my colitis this area has not been a very happy camper for me for a very long time.  Gwynneth worked on this area for a while to straighten up and re-energise this Shakra.

Without going into too much detail regarding the clearing of my Sacral Shakra.  I not only walked out of there with no more lower back pain but the inflammation in my large bowel was completely gone!  Today is more than 4 weeks after my visit and I am still in that feeling if not better than I have ever been.

On a positive note, It was nice to hear that I was very grounded, but I have always felt that in myself and also that one of my spirit guides was a grandmother that bought a tear to my eye.

We had a great debrief after the session, finding out my life’s purpose and different dates that came up where this damage to my Shakra’s occurred.

I’m telling you I left a different woman in so many ways.  No wonder you have to wait months to get an appointment.  I have booked my husband and daughter in.  I will let you know how they go!

There is definitely nothing wrong with asking for a little guidance from Spirit.