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Massage Therapy

Let the mind and body be still..

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Relax, Recharge and Rejuvenate!

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Healing Sessions

Safe, Therapeutic and Profound

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Personalised Yoga Programs

Intimate, Informative and Transforming!

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Find out what some of our clients have to say about out natural health services

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About Us

Meet the team..

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Melbourne Bayside Massage, Yoga and Natural Therapy            

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Our guarantee is that you will leave your treatment in a completely different space from when you first arrived.

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Personalised Yoga

The Karma Studio programmes offer a more personalised form of yoga, with small groups and sessions of 1.5 hours.

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Come to get recharged and re-motivated for life! This is another way in which The Karma Studio contributes to your health.

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The objective of our healing sessions is to balance and strengthen the physical, emotional and spiritual so you are left feeling inwardly strong, nurtured and with a clearer direction for your life.

From Our Natural Health Blog..

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My life’s journey of self discovery towards good health!

Reflecting back to my early teens I can’t say I ever felt very well.  This sense of unwell carried well into Adulthood for me.  My search earnestly began when I was 19.  24 […]

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Can you still your mind for business success?

Karma Studio ran their first workshop at the Bayside Business Network, Still Your Mind for Business Success, at Sandringham Yacht Club on Monday the 26th of May. With more than 25 in attendance, […]

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Our Studio

We at The Karma Studio pride ourselves on our ability to create a warm and nurturing environment. This facilitates your healing process. We are centrally located in Bayside Sandringham.

(03) 9502 1044
Monday to Saturday 9am - 9pm