What is Yoga?

The word ‘Yoga’ actually comes from Sanskrit and refers to any series of disciplined mental, physical and spiritual practices that make up one’s life. The term and hence the actions associated with it originated in ancient India. Even the simple act of performing menial tasks outside or in the home, of course with discipline, is considered a yogic practice.

In the Western world however, we really emphasise the physicality of the practice and often bunch it together with cleansing and meditation. This is not a problem by any means, although it must always be borne in mind that Yoga is much more than this and has its roots from many hundreds of years ago. We will take Yoga in a Western sense of the word.

What is the purpose of Yoga? Very generally, it is performed with a goal in mind, and the attainment of that goal is the number one objective. For most, this is achieving peace in your mind and simultaneously in your body.

Yoga is also highly technical and requires training to the highest degree to avoid injury and misinformation. Yoga teachers are found world-wide but it’s quite the task to find an experienced and well-trained one.

Give Yoga a thought, and think about the benefits that it could bring to your existence. Be mindful always though of a good and a poor teacher, their teaching style and the experience they possess.