Trish Lehman

Trish Lehman

Spiritual Counseling | Spiritual Parenting | Hahnemann Healing

from the Blue Renaissance Group

My life journey has been fueled by curiosity and enriched by the joys and challenges of raising seven children. Embracing the role of a dedicated, passionate, and involved full-time Mum, I found myself constantly observing and pondering the intricacies of human happiness and success. What set some children, parents, and individuals on paths of contentment and achievement while others grappled with discontentment and unfulfilled dreams?

Following the culmination of my remarkable 37-year marriage, my quest for clarity and a deeper understanding of people began. I immersed myself in the study of Spiritual Counseling, Spiritual Parenting, and Hahnemann Healing. This journey of knowledge and self-discovery led me to become an accredited Hahnemann Healer and Trainer, a Spiritual Counselor, and a Spiritual Parenting Coach, Counselor, and Educator.

Now, I stand ready to share my expertise with you. Let my passion for helping others, combined with my unwavering commitment to bringing emotional healing and effective change to people’s lives, inspire you to take the next step. Together, let us nurture the seeds of love within ourselves and within the world, fostering happiness, healing, and transformation for all.


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