Tobey Hannah

Spiritual Counsellor

Creator of The Blue Renaissance Group
Tobey is the founder of the Blue Renaissance Group, forming the collective to provide a well-rounded offering of spiritual services to the Bayside area.

Tobey is a Spiritual Counsellor and began her practice [Origins Counselling & Healing]( in Mornington, Malvern and Sandringham areas. She offers both emotional and physical healing modalities: [Hahnemann & Concomitant Healing]( and [Mind Alignment]( She is passionate about her spiritual work and has always been driven to be ‘in service’ to help others.

As a Spiritual Counsellor, Tobey works with individuals of all ages from 8 years and up, as well as couples and families – anyone who wants to better their lives with a spiritual focus.

**What is Spiritual counselling?**

Spiritual Counselling is a non-religious method, which traces negative behavioural patterns to their origin, helping identify the true cause of your issue, where it began in your life and then offer you a choice to break free of the negative pattern holding you back. It is unlike traditional counselling which is heavily flawed as it relies on the client being able to figure out the solutions to their own problems. This rarely occurs and if it did the client would have no need for a counsellor’s help.

As an accomplished healer, Tobey often combines her practice and treatment of [Hahnemann Healing]( with Spiritual Counselling where appropriate. Hahnemann Healing is in the ‘intangible’ process with a tangible outcome: helping people break through their energetic blockages from past traumas or negative emotional experiences, providing a path for greater feelings of being uplifted, enabling clients to move forward in their lives.

Bookings can be made via emaila at or her website:
or Ph: 0431 717 600


Phone: 0431 717 600