Alison Dew

Spiritual Counselling and Physical and Emotional Healing

Blue Renaissance Group

Hi , I’m Allison from Elements of Growth . I am very excited to share with you my passion for healing and personal growth. Having a background of Nursing and Disability support has allowed for a deeper understanding of the need for connection and support which has lead me to my purpose of Counselling. I offer Spiritual Counselling and Physical and Emotional Healing, both in-depth powerful modalities that allow for a greater understanding of self, breaking through the negative patterns that have been holding you back, keeping you stuck in life. I feel it to be an incredible privilege to assist another to step into their true self, ultimately increasing joy and fulfilment in their lives.

Feel free to call or text Allison on 0488016512 to make an appointment or to discuss further.
A journey of self discovery is the best gift to self