Meet Yolande Perreau, who offers Reflexology

Yolande believes Reflexology helps with the ‘Activation’ of Healing mind, body, emotions and spirit through the Ingham method of gently massaging the reflex points on specifically the feet to create homeostasis,  a sense of being in your body and feeling grounded.

The experience of having Reflexology is deeply relaxing, that can take you to that special space where you can listen to your own inner wisdom through mindfulness, even going into the dream state. If you can tap into this space, you will know what is needed for your own healing. She believes that connecting into your own ‘Inner world’ is an important place to ‘Knowing Thy Self’.

The treatment will usually take One and a half hours of time especially for YOU.. (different for seniors and children).

On completion, YOU will go away with a greater sense of balance, knowledge of self and peacefulness.

Yolande has been practising Reflexology for the last 20 years around Melbourne. She began her Reflexology journey at the Australian School of Reflexology and Relaxation in 2001 and is a member of the Reflexology Association of Australia.

Over those years Yolande has studied styles of Reflexology including Maternity, Somatic, Pain & inflammation, Acupressure, TCM with Reflexology, Chi, Crystal, Feet Reading and Metamorphosis just to name a few..

Yolande brings a few extra ‘Tools’ to her sessions as she has also studied..

  • Forensic Healing (Kinesiology),
  • Inna Segal’s ‘Secret Language of the Body’ – (Emotional work)
  • Young Livings Raindrop Technique and Vital Flex – (Essential oils)
  • Reiki 1
  • Ear Candling
  • Pedicures
  • Is a Student of the Sapphire School of Images (10 years)

Yolande is most passionate about the power of ‘Our own Healing’ and what ‘We’ can do for ourselves if we go ‘Slow’ and listen..

Deeply nurturing and nourishing reflexology sessions with Yolande are available at The Karma Studio on the first Monday of each month.

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