Soothe your sole with Yolande

Reflexology is a Science that deals with the principle that there are Reflex points on the feet, hands and ears that correlate to the organs and glands via the nervous system.

Come on a journey with Yolande as she intuitively uses massage and Reflexology techniques to bring balance into the body.. whilst helping you into a deep relaxation space for YOU to learn what your body is trying to tell YOU..

As a Reflexologist and Health Provider for the past 16 years, Yolande has worked in many places around Melbourne. She has trained in many different styles of Reflexology including Maternity, Crystal, Chi, Accupressure and Pain & Inflammation Reflexology just to name a few…

Yolande also offers an Es(sense)ial Oil Feet Treat and Vital Reflex (feet) therapy which uses essential oils that predominately works on the spine line of the feet and/or body to help boost the Immune System. Trained in Natural Pedicures, Yolande uses this as a wonderful complete package in nurturing the feet.

So come and try this Feet Re TREAT!


90 minute appointments available for $156

Please note that cancellation fees apply: 50% of service fee if less than 24 hours notice is given. The Full Fee is charged if we receive no communication at all. Thank you for respecting our time.

To book, purchase a voucher or for any questions please call on either 9502 1044 or 0419 500 594 or use our contact form

Otherwise, please use the ‘Book Now’ button below

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