Reflexology and Massage

Emma believes our system has the capacity to fully heal itself from any imbalance given the right environment. This is what Thrive in Your Life aims to create for you: a supportive environment that allows repair, revitalisation and reorganisation of the body and mind so you can thrive. Emma provides massage, reflexology and yoga.

Qualifications include:

  • Functional Yoga Medicine Practitioner Certification 
  • Coaching the Body_ Massage Course – Shoulders, sciatica and knee pain Pain Management Course for Professionals – Foundation Levels A & B
  • Pain Management Course for Professionals – Advanced Level C 
  • Part 2 – Yoga Psyche Soul Advanced Teacher Training – Ashley Turner
  • Fundamentals of Yoga Poses – Noah Maze
  • Yin Yoga & Anatomy Certification I, II & III
  • Origins of Alignment – Donna Farhi
  • Psych-K Health & Wellness Facilitator
  • Psych-K Advanced Facilitator
  • Psych-K Basic Facilitator
  • Diploma of Facial Reflexology
  • Diploma of Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage CCNM
  • Australian School of Reflexology Certificate in Maternity Reflexology
  • TCM with Reflexology
  • Certified Les Mills Instructor RPM, Body Pump & Body Balance

To make a booking with Emma on Fridays you can call her on 0413 615 808

Contact: embodyhealing.info@gmail.com

Phone: 0429 657 561

Website: www.embodyhealing.com.au