My Amazing Week at the Silent Retreat

A couple of weeks ago I went on an amazing weeks Silent iRest Yoga Nidra Retreat in Sydney which was part of my Training as an iRest Meditation teacher. Ive been listening to Richard Millers voice on tapes and videos for the past two years so it was very special to meet him in person, he was so solid, serene and still someone to aspire to on my lifes journey.

To be in a room with 80 people for teachings and deep yoga Nidra iRest guided meditations every day was truly daunting and humbling all at the same time. We started at 7am and finished at 9pm with meal breaks and free time for 2 hours every afternoon. The gentle clanging of knives and forks in the dining room and the connecting looks you get from other participants was very special and new! In iRest we learn to listen and welcome all messages coming into our bodies, minds and emotions. For the first 3 days the noises inside me were louder than what I’d experienced on the outside when I arrived, I felt like a spring so tight it was unbearable, then after the screaming sensations and thoughts where I felt out of control and with a lot of support from the teachings, the rest, no technology and listening to my needs I was able to reach a deep part of myself I hadn’t accessed for a very long time. Over the next few days as I lay on the grass, journalled, listened to and not resisted anything. I began to soften, feel spacious again and unwind my wound up spring.

Since returning I have made some major adjustmants in my life. I have started body sensing yoga in my personnal practise and in my teaching sessions, I am meditating much more, I am going to bed an hour earlier, I am sleeping deeper, I am more focused and in the moment and have a lot less screen time than I did, listening to when I’ve had enough. I’m so deeply grateful for the rest I gave myself. Retreats and time away from your life is determential to your wellbeing on all levels. So please if your reading my blog be kind to yourself begin listening  to your needs and take positive action life is so much richer and more joyous not too mention quieter within!