Afternoon Health Retreats

Pampering and nurturing afternoon retreats

At our retreats our team create a space for you to rest and restore your sense of balance. Yet another way in which The Karma Studio is contributing to people’s health and vitality throughout the year.

What your afternoon will include

  • A letting go Ritual
  • Very gentle and healing yoga, bringing in both active and relaxation aspects: poses, breathing
  • Inner contemplation with Journaling
  • A luxurious Massage to leave you effortlessly light and tranquil
  • A Purifying foot spa to cleanse and calm
  • Deep relaxation to integrate your therapeutic experience
  • A light, nourishing seasonal meal


When - Sunday 31st of March, 12:00pm to 5:00pm

Where - The Karma Studio

Investment - $295 per person


"I went to a fabulously relaxing Saturday afternoon retreat. Restorative yoga, an incredible massage, detox foot spa, deep relaxation practice and then a lovely bowl of veggie soup! The class numbers were small so we had great individualised attention. I felt like I had the benefits of a yoga retreat without having to pack my bags and put aside a whole weekend! "
Renee M

To book, purchase a voucher or for any questions regarding our retreats please call anytime on 0419 500 594, or complete our Contact Form.

Otherwise, use the button below to book your retreat.