I feel like we are returning home to the place where it all started for me so many years ago.

I remember the day so clearly pulling up at the intersection of bay and bluff roads feeling so stressed out.

A sign out the front of 194 was beckoning me, so I called, only to receive the warm nurturing voice of Jenn only too happy to be in tune with what my soul was in need of.  It just so happened that The Karma Studio had planned a weekend retreat for that coming weekend.  There was no hesitation in my mind, body and spirit that a health and wellness retreat to Lorne with a group of like-minded people was just what I needed.

Wow what a warm welcoming house in an idealic location.  It doesn’t get much better… but oh my goodness it did.  Jenn bought along Frank, an amazing Chef that prepared incredible food from start to finish.  Being a food lover, I was definitely in culinary heaven.  While my tummy was so happy and content I was able to fully explore, and immerse myself in the weekend’s program.  Waking up to the sound of birds and an incredible restorative yoga session.  I couldn’t think of a more sublime way to salute the sun and start a cracker of a day.

I still can’t believe how instantly the stresses of my life were gone.  A distant memory.  What a break from life not having to think about anything for a whole weekend.  That honestly felt like a 6-month break.  Walks on the beach, meditation, fun group activities, massage and more delightful yoga.  Oh, did I mention more mouth-watering food… and the best sleep of my LIFE!

The Karma Studio most certainly do these retreats well.  Life is so busy for everyone to be able to achieve the feeling of a month-long retreat in either an afternoon or overnight is amazing and a credit to Jenn who puts her heart and soul into everything she does in her business.

I was so excited about the Lorne Retreat, I signed up to The Karma Studio Yoga Program and even helped organise the next retreat.  I am certainly not one to be quiet about something so good!  I want to share it with the world.

We were lucky enough to find another amazing location on a horse stud for the next retreat with again that amazing chef!  We even did some pretty cool life drawing.  Again, returning back home with renewed vigour and excitement for ‘my’ road ahead.

Even more excited when these incredible weekends were condensed into an afternoon retreat. 4.5 hours of pure soul filled decadence.  What better package for the incredibly busy person than this.

Coming back to 194 Bay Road, freshened up with not just a lick of paint but some incredible souls all coming together to provide the best health and wellness experience in Bayside Melbourne right at your front door.

194 has had some incredible spiritual blessings which you will feel when you walk through her doors.

We welcome you to experience all that we have to offer.

Love and light