The Mighty Mango

There’s no arguing that the mango is hands-down one of the most popular fruits on the planet. And there’s no wonder why.

With its distinct smell and flavour, smooth cool texture and versitility, the mango is consumed on almost every continent of the globe.

It is used in almost every Asian cuisine whether in sweet or savoury dishes, and hailed as the “Fruit of the Gods” and used in countless desserts in many European nations. The mango tree belongs to a family that also includes cashews and pistachios.

The mango has notable health benefits too. The fruit is great for those suffering from high-acidity in the gut, the fruit’s enzymes neutralising acids and aiding indigestion.

Furthermore, the Vitamin E present in mango regulates sex hormones and boosts sex drive. For diabetics too, mango leaves serve as a fighter against the debilitating condition. Soak some mango leaves in water overnight, filter the water in the morning and drink on an empty stomach.

Written by Alex Jeffares. Information courtesy Health Mango.