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A piece of Wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda’s teachings :

“Rather than be striving always for personal happiness, try to make others happy. In being of spiritual, mental, & material service to others, you will find your own needs fulfilled. As you forget self in service to others, you will find that without seeking it your own cup of happiness will be full.

If conjugal love is to survive the many pitfalls & rocky paths of life, it must have a spiritual basis. Unselfish mutual service & friendship must be a part of that love. Always remember divine love is the fountain in which all love has its source. It is only because of wrong thoughts, selfishness & censure, that human love presents a tarnished appearance. You could never let yourself harm one for whom you have a true, pure, unselfish love. If one you love is straying into wrong paths you should give him, or her, help & understanding; never display jealousy and suspicion, thereby driving the loved one father from you & most likely into deceit. Love & understanding foster trust.

If you recogonise in yourself jealousy resulting from a lack of certain personal qualities or material advantages, there is a way to turn that jealousy to good account: cultivate those qualities you admire in others or which will offset your lack of particular quality. If you desire physical beauty use reasonable aids to acquiring it, but remember by developing rare inner soul qualities, your countenance will so radiate with the reflection of inner beauty that people will be conscious only of your contagious smile & magnetic personality. Rare culture and conscience, right action & inner & outer agreeableness will win far more genuine admiration than mere physical pulchritude ever can.”

Picture courtesy of Paramahansa Yogananda website