Your Post Christmas Detox And Japanese Needle Therapy - Tapping in acupuncture needle

Your Post-Christmas Detox and Japanese Needle Therapy

After having eaten and drunk too much over the festive season, we can feel bloated, stagnant, heavy and sapped of energy in both our bodies and minds.

Or have you already anticipated this and lined up strategies for dealing with the post-Christmas feeling? If not, then Japanese Needle Therapy could be for you.

After a long 2013 of intense work, be it physical or sedentary, you might want to start 2014 with a fresh slate of health. Getting to the root of your discomfort or lethargy is key.

Japanese Needle Therapy gets to the fundamental core of your nervous, skeletal and muscular systems to address underlying constitutional issues.

Dr. Manaka, the founder of this form of therapy, stated that ” if there are no internal weaknesses, there can be no external attack”. Targeting meridians, yin and yang, is the principal aim of the therapy.