Yoga Your Way to Christmas

Well the Melbourne Cup has come and gone and already it feels like the run- up to Christmas has begun. Unlike in the northern hemisphere, Christmas in Australia coincides with the end of the school year and the long holiday break. Life, therefore, is busy, busy, busy as we try to get work tidied up for the holiday we’ve worked so hard all year for, attend all the school events,  and do all the Christmas preparation.

Sometimes I just have to say STOP! This is madness, why am I continually creating outside the moment in preparation and planning for a single day on the calendar. How many moments am I completely missing, whilst running lists in my head. This is probably one of the hardest times of year just ‘to be’. So my yoga practice becomes even more important. It is not just a time for me, it is an opportunity to switch off the attention seeking brain and find some stillnes in body and in mind. It is also then when some sense of proportion returns and even the odd revelation – that maybe yet another silk scarf for an overseas relation won’t necessarily be appreciated.

So make time for yoga over the next 6 weeks and amaze your friends, and the staff at Myers, with your calm and centred presence!