Yoga My Inner Space

Last Saturday I held the first Yoga Workshop I’ve run in a quite a while. It’s always a bit daunting trying to get the pace and content right and in retrospect I think I may have tried to include too much. The feedback from the participants though has been great and they’ve inspired me to think about offering a more regular workshop program.

Following on from last week’s blog, I feel one of the greatest gifts I have recieved from my years of yoga practice is access to my ‘inner space’. It’s the sharing of that gift with my students that I now realise gives me the biggest buzz.

As such, while I have taught all the different types of yoga, I believe strongly that I am better suited both as a teacher and practitioner to the slower, more rhythmic styles such as Hatha yoga.     I like my sessions to emphasise the breathing technique and concentrate on the rhythm of poses rather than their number and intensity.  I also always include a period of visualisation and meditation to end the sessions.

Having said that The Karma Studio teachers offer different styles of yoga to meet the needs of its students and we bring our varying approaches, preferences and structure to the classes.

In fact I’d love to hear from you…what do you most value about your yoga practice? What do you enjoy in the classes? How has your own participation in yoga evolved as you have continued its practice?

Have a lovely day.