“What we Play is Life” Louis Armstrong

Well its hard to believe. I start our new year here with excitement, possibilities and challenges to rise too from within. Our little team of 5 are amazing & talented healers. At one of our team meetings/lunch we have once a month late last year the suggestion to do ” The Artists Way ” came up to support us in our creativity. This book written by  Julie Cameron a course in Discovering & Recovering your creative self.We are healers but developing that inner creativity was a bran new challenge for me & a couple of my team members. The main aim is to clear the pathways to re-energise  ourselves, our brains take over in thinking & analizing leaving very little time to create anything new. In fact I believe we spend a lot of our time reacting to life rather than creating !! One of the tools you learn is to do “The Morning Pages” where you get up & write anything that comes to mind for 3 pages every morning for the 12 weeks of the course & longer if you prefer. Its a challenge as I always feel I should be doing my yoga practise or meditating or starting in the office but Im persevering and it seems to be magic I feel clearer and more energised to create my life, tomorrow my Artists date with myself is to get the paints out and create cards for friends & families birthday’s  ( another part of the course, an artists date with yourself each week).

Create a fabulous day for yourself!!!

So I recommend this book open your heart start to create your life maki it happen :- ‘The Artista Way’ by Julie Cameron.