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What are the features of Japanese Needle Therapy?

Japanese Needle Therapy could well be the answer to all your health woes. But what’s involved?

Contact needling: needles are actually not inserted. Rather, they lightly prick the skin’s surface.

Flicking: after the needle reaches a certain depth, it is flicked with the nail of the thumb or the index finger. This is also done in contact needling.

Moxa needle: a ball of moxa is placed on the head of the inserted needle and burned for a short time. The needle conducts heat which travels down into the skin and surrounding muscle.

Intra-dermal needles and press tacks: taped on and left in place for between one day and one week.

Japenese Needle Therapy is non invasive and works with the bio-rhythm of your body. Give it a try today and see the benefits.

Thanks to The Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine for some of the information in this post.