Talked to your ‘self’ recently?

Hi, well here we go – The Karma Studio enters the exciting world of blogging. It is wonderful isn’t it – the ancient practice of yoga combining with the age of high-tech communication. What would the yogis of old have made of it? To be honest I think they would embrace any way that gets the message out there. I also think that they would look at our current lifestyles and think “Whoa do these people need some peace and space in their lives or what?”

Today the constant theme I’m hearing in the lives of friends, relations and the general community is one of feeling ‘overwhelmed’. Overwhelmed by trying to fit everything in, with family commitments up against work demands compounded by the stress of city living. Then there is the fact we know we should be looking after our fitness, health and diet but sometimes it’s easier to let those three things go and deal with the nagging guilt later.

What I feel is missing is quiet space. Some time just to ‘be’, to connect with and renew our own energy. To sit in the silence that allows our intuition to be heard. To opt out of the continual mind chatter that drowns out the messages from our hearts. It’s in moments of stillness that perspective is gained and solutions the brain couldn’t possibly countenance can be found to problems or issues we thought insurmountable.

 It doesn’t have to be for long but it helps if it is regular. It can be as simple as a walk in the garden with your morning cuppa before starting the day. Or, as we live in a beautiful bayside suburb, why not leave 5 mins early for work and pull into one of the beach carparks and take a few moments to watch the gulls soaring over the waters. I mean really what could be more important than spending time with your ‘self’ each day.

The key is to silence the mind -stop the list writing and task delegation in the head. Oh your mind will object and attempt to thrust itself into the space but gradually with some resolve, it will come ‘to heel’ and you will find your true self waiting in the silence.  Your true self and your full potential.