Stillness Meditation - Guided Mediation Workshop

Stillness & Meditation

Stillness what is it? We are so focused on the external part of life to bring us happiness……….. our children, partners, friends, our favourite food, the new house, the holiday & so on……… So I challenge you to take up investigating finding stillness within. Try being still in the physical, shut your eyes just for 5 minutes per day or take up yoga, meditation classes, martial arts something that joins the mind & body then observe yourself! Do you feel better & if you do in what way, learn to observe the way you feel inside.

Mediation Exercise – Get comfortable turn everything off so you won’t be disturbed, relax, close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths & relax your body & mind completely. Allow your conscious awareness to move into a deep, quiet place within you.

Imagine there is a beautiful golden light radiating from a place deep within you. It begins to grow & expand until it fills your entire body. Its very powerful, & it permeates every molecule of your body, literally waking  your entire body until it is filled with light. Then you see your body being transformed, similarly imagine your life also being transformed, this literally can be done in 10 minutes longer if you can manage it The difference it makes in your life is powerful & transforming……ENJOY.