Shifting World Strike A Yoga Pose -

Shifting World – Strike a Yoga Pose

It seems that the world is shifting, literally. It is reported that the devastating earthquake off the coast of northern Japan not only has moved the Japanese islands some 2.5 metres it has knocked the Earth 10 inches off its axis.

With that shift I feel will inevitably come a shift in consciousness. Already the world is looking at nuclear energy in a different light, and we have a renewed sense of the destructive power of natural events.

So how do we stay strong and centred when so much instability abounds? Hinduism, from which yoga derives, accepts chaos as a natural and necessary part of the human condition. It also offers yoga as an antidote, a way of developing physical, emotional and spiritual strength. Through exerting control of the mind and body we can stand still and tall, calm and centered.

The poses Tadasana – Standing Strong and the Tree Pose are ideal for centreing the energy down through the legs and into the ground. To be held they require a still focussed mind, strength of will and purpose and a straight spine.

So when your world feels like it is spinning off it’s axis, strike a Yoga Pose and find your centre.