Relationship breakdown?

Experiencing breaking up with someone is probably one of the most difficult things anyone will ever go through in their lifetime. There are few people that will disagree with this statement. We all know what we SHOULD do to deal with the initial grief; we all know what we SHOULD do to keep our minds on the road ahead. But sometimes we don’t do it. Here are some things to remind you.

I’m a great believer in ‘keeping busy’. Normally we don’t want to be so flat out that we fall in a heap at the first chance of respite. I’m not saying do so much that you exhaust yourself but keep occupied with basic tasks and with things that assist you to temporarily block negative thoughts and emotions.

Having said that, there’s also a time to embrace the grief and pain that you’re feeling. The most productive and effective way to be in your daily life after a separation is to actually create a period during the day where you allow yourself to grieve. That includes crying, moping, and everything in between. When you’ve got it out of your system, bracket it and move on to normal activities of your life.

It’s paramount to treat yourself well over the course of your separation process. Take a hot bath, engage in constructive, light conversations with people who care about you and most importantly maintain a healthy sleeping pattern. There’s no doubt that emotions are exacerbated when you’re lacking sleep.

Because it’s what we do here at The Karma Studio, we’d also suggest a massage or signing up for something new like a few yoga sessions. These sorts of activities help your energy levels above all else, but also afford you time and mental space to reflect and to practice acceptance.