Mind & Body Space

After another of our Ayurvedic Detox Workshop with Dr. Mahesh, I am reminded of the intricate connection between mind, body and spirit. After feeling stressed from the never ending technical education one has to receive to run a business these days, dealing with some personal issues and generally feeling low on energy, perhaps a low-lying virus, I am reminded of the links that one negative thought leads to another, then an ache in the body, a feeling of being blocked and, voila! I’M STRESSED.

But to release this stress the first step is to know you are stressed. The next step is to breathe through the thoughts, then to sit quietly letting the breath wash over you, focusing only on the breath and gradually you start to lift, feel lighter, more positive, more supported. You start seeing support, opportunities smile at you like a beautiful flower or the need to walk along the beach or be under a tree, and then life improves.

You can practise this and improve if you come to the Karma Studio. We have so many things that support the shift that we’re talking about.