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Massage at the Community Fair

Two Sundays ago we took a stall at the Sandringham Village Fair where according to organisers 20,000 people passed through on a cool but mostly sunny day. We were located close to the animal farm where a llama nearly lost its eyelashes in shock when the Chinese Lion Dancers set off some firecrackers across the street. While the kids oohed and aahed at the animals many of their parents waited patiently for our very popular Massages and Reiki treatments. It’s amazing the number of people with sore backs out there who jump at the chance for a good massage – we just wish massage was seen more often as a preventative investment and not just an occasional treat.

Because of The Karma Studio’s location at the junction of two busy roads (Bay and Bluff) many people know us by the signs we put on the black board outside. Were we as witty and eye-catching in full 3d?  We’re not sure but it was great to be able to offer face to face contact and better explain our philosophy and range of therapies.

It was also wonderful to be part of the community atmosphere generated by the Fair. A sense of community is something many of us crave and it is an underpinning theme at The Karma Studio, be it through the camaraderie of our yoga classes, developing a caring relationship with our clients or simply how we interact as a group of therapists working and growing together.

And the four of us who attended the Fair certainly did have fun, assembling a marquee for the first time with relatively little discussion, knocking a much needed coffee over the display, talking to friends and strangers who ambled by and at one point helping locate a small boy face-painted as a skeleton! It was good to be out and about!

P.S. We should say that these are kinda two headed blogs as Jenn talks and Gwynneth writes