Lets Talk Yoga During The Winter Time - Seasonal Yoga Classes

Let’s talk yoga during the winter time!

Winter has to be one of the hardest times to get motivated to do any sort of physical activity because it usually involves going out, emerging from our heated homes, our comfy beds, the television or our books.

But the key is to get over that initial hesitation because of the cold or to overcome whatever other excuses we create for ourselves and reconnect with the memory, both the mental memory but also the muscle memory, of how good we felt after the yoga session we had previously.

I emerge after every class, without fail, feeling lighter in my head, warmed in my body, especially my joints, and the yoga Nidra at the end of the session always calms me, ready for a great sleep that night and a more productive week had I stayed in, watching television, reading or sitting in a warm restaurant with friends. Of course all these things are great too, but yoga can take it to the next level. You just have to be willing to step out one or two nights a week, making that first leap.

The inversions that the yoga sessions involve are especially good for the immune system, as they get the heart working and oxygenate the blood. This strengthens the immune system to fight off the flu, colds and other unwanted nasties.