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Keep your Heart Healthy with Yoga

Here at The Karma Studio we consider yoga to be an important tool in achieving and maintaining good health. It works on all aspects of the body, strengthening and stretching the muscles and developing core strength. Mastering control of the breath also has major health benefits including activating the immune system. As a teacher and long time practitioner I also know that certain poses stimulate particular glands and or organs and improve their health and I incorporate these into classes. Research is indicating that one of the major organs to benefit from yoga is the Heart.

Cardiovascular disease is a growing health issue in Australia causing more than 50,000 deaths per year or 40% or all deaths in Australia. This article I found on the WellBeing Magazine website outlines the positive impact yoga can have on improving cardiovascular health. Yoga relaxation postures open up the chest cavity while other postures can assist the heart’s vessels to remain unblocked releasing tightness in the arteries and cardiac muscles and preventing cardiovascular disease.

As the article recommends and I firmly believe “one of the smartest health insurance plans to invest in is simply relaxation yoga.”