Isnt All Acupuncture Chinese - Japanese Needle Therapy Bayside Melbourne

Isn’t All Acupuncture Chinese?

At The Karma Studio we don’t practise acupuncture at all. We provide services in Japanese Needle Therapy.

While all known forms of “acupuncture” originated in China, it didn’t take long for different versions to emerge in neighbouring countries.

Japanese Needle Therapy is distinguishable from acupuncture by the fact that thinner needles are used. The attention to precise point location means that needles don’t have to work as hard. They are also inserted very shallowly in the skin.

There is also a strong emphasis on touch. In addition to abdominal palpation, the Japanese Needle Therapist will feel around a lot before inserting needles into meridian points.

Finally, Japanese Needle Therapy widely involves the use of moxa. This is used most commonly in the direct application of small cones on the skin. A warming sensation is felt within.

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