Deep Rest!

We have been in this beautiful new Centre now for nearly 8 months its hard to believe. Bungarran House holds 3 health businesses The Karma Studio, Better Body Sanctuary and Triskele Healing.

We all get along beautifully and believe we are creating a special place for people to come and rest, rejuvenate and recover from the harshness of the external challenges we are all faced with today.

I believe that to live a balanced, healthy & happy life we must learn to rest deeply. How to do this is a challenge for most people. It took me years of meditating every day to realize the benefit of connecting to something greater than us, to sit quietly and still to re-energize and center, all the time dealing the with the ever active wild tiger ‘the mind’. Having included Yoga Nidra in our Yoga Programs & Retreats for the past 15 years, a different type of deep meditation where you lie and rest but follow instructions with a yoga practitioner or a CD, you bring your awareness into the body and identify with each part, then feel opposites of emotions and use visualization practises to heal those deep traumas we all have from the past. This is science and spirituality at its best !

I’m am extremely passionate about this type of Mediation/rest and will be training more next year to bring this profound healing to more people including our clients here at The Karma Studio.

Take time to be still and quiet every day allowing all the systems of the body to rest then the mind will follow.

Take care…… Namaste, Jennifer