Winter Health Blues - Bayside Melbourne Health Retreats

Winter health blues?

The winter period is a difficult time for all of us. Colds and flu abound, stress levels run high and many of us have a tendency to hibernate at home, affecting our social lives too.

So what can be done during the winter period? Remember the important things: eat well (green leafy vegetables are a must), drink lots of water (as the cold windy weather dries out our skin and inner body), spend time outside in the sun, and try to go out with family and friends to nourish the social person within. Sociality also increases positive emotions which are important for getting through sometimes dark winter months.

That said, one of the most crucial things to do is to continue with your yoga practice. If you are enrolled in our programs or do your own practice at home, the only time to take a hiatus is when you’re ill with a fever, flu or gastroenteritis. Otherwise, the best thing you can do is be there! You are certain to feel the benefits.

Our friends at Bright and Natural have some great therapies too should you be down on the peninsula!