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What is a Yoga Retreat?

The name Yoga Retreat will, at first mention, almost always deter some. They think that what will be involved is strange ritualistic chanting, bells, whistles and difficult yoga poses. This is not at all the case.

Retreats can be extended stays away from town, in the country or at a beach location, or they can be held right in the suburban heart of a city. Many will often involve a combination of yoga, massage and relaxation, as do ours, and they are drawing a record number of stressed business people who need to ‘get away’ for 3 or 4 hours during the weekend. But not only those from the business world come: mum’s, dads, senior students who are under the pump with their studies, and anyone in need of some self-nurturing.

Whatever they mean to you or the next person, a retreat of any kind is an integral part of one’s reconnection with themselves. As life increases in intensity and speed, it becomes almost indispensable to develop the ability to take time out for yourself, so that that you can then re-enter the flow of life re-energised and enthused.