Want to enjoy these coming holidays? So does your heart!

Our heart, among other organs, is central to our wellbeing. It pumps blood around our bodies to every other organ. Experts say it beats approximately 2.5 billion times throughout a human’s lifespan. What a job! So why not nurture it and live a longer life.

Exercise: we all know that exercise is essential to a healthy heart and mind. Simply 20 minutes to half an hour per day is sufficient. It gives oxygen to the cardiovascular system and reduces body fat.

Vitamin E: antioxidants reduce oxidative damage to heart muscle. Almonds are high in this vitamin. Cholesterol levels are maintained from regular Vitamin E intake.

Salt: it’s common knowledge that salt hardens arteries and damages the heart as a result. We actually get enough salt from the natural foods we consume everyday, so avoid processed foods which contain unnecessary quantities of salt: chips, processed meats and even bread.

Stress: work, studies and life in general can have a huge impact on our stress levels. High stress increases our heart rate, making the organ work harder. Prioritise for time-out at the close of each day. Yoga helps immensely with decreasing heart rate and stilling the mind.

Thanks to Nature’s Own www.naturesown.com.au for the information under this section. We recommend their website.