The Two Faced Onion - Cooking Classes

The two-faced onion!

Onions are the basis for so many dishes worldwide; it is almost a given that it will be found in the foods we eat everyday.

In 1919 when the flu killed more than 40-million people, there was a prominant doctor who visited many farmers and their families, looking to improve their symptoms and most importantly prevent death. He met one family, in which each family member was in pristine health despite flu-riddled neighbours and friends that surrounded them. The farmer’s answer to the question of “how?” was that he had placed an unpeeled onion in every room of the house. The doctor inspected the onion under a microscope and found it to be covered in the flu virus. The raw onion IS a magnet for bacteria. Having absorbed it, the family had not contracted the virus.

On the other hand however, onions that have been leftover are extremely poisonous when consumed. Because of the fact that uncooked onions attract and absorb bacteria, they are to be avoided. And do not precut onions to be cooked the following day. The amount of bacteria they will capture over the next 24-hours is enormous, even when in the fridge. If you must cook leftover or precut raw onion, cook it very, very well. And a tip for owners of pets, dogs’ stomachs cannot physically metabolise onion so don’t feed them any leftovers containing it, raw or cooked.

Take this information on board; it will undoubtedly improve your and your family’s health.