The Chair Pose Looks Simple - Yoga Exercises

The chair pose: looks simple?

The Karma Studio offers personalised yoga programs for individuals of all ages and levels of yoga skill. What our teachers encourage students to do is push themselves, but of course within their mental and physiological restraints.

The Chair pose (Utkatasana) is one that appears relatively simplistic but it can be one of the most powerful poses, and it’s encouraged here at The Karma Studio. Primary focus is placed on the legs and pelvis. Place your feet together,  lift your arms above your head bringing the palms to face inward.

If it is difficult to raise the arms, place your hands in prayer position at the level of the heart.
Working with the breath, bend the knees and sink your pelvis as if you were going to sit down.

This pose is sensational for strengthening the Lower Back, Abdominals, Thighs, Glute Muscles and Ankles.

Thanks to Yoga Magazine for some of the information in this post. Check out their website!