“Jennifer has great knowledge of body & energy work from both Western & Eastern points of view. She has powerful healing hands which you can feel as soon as she places them on your body. I have had a number of Japanese Needle Therapy treatments as well as Remedial Massage for my complicated neck problem. After the third treatment, my neck was pain-free after a long time!
Highly recommended.”
Megumi, Massage Practitioner

“I originally went to Jennifer for remedial massage therapy, suffering from a sore back and shoulder, which I had been experiencing for several months. She was able to relieve this pain at the first massage session I had. I have continued to have massage therapy on a fortnightly basis and no longer suffer from the back or shoulder pains.

Since starting regular massage 12 months ago I also find my general health and wellbeing has improved dramatically and I no longer catch every cold and flu that is going around.

I have found Jennifer to be very professional and knowledgeable on all my experiences with her and I look forward to each massage.”
Deryk McAlpin

“In a world where personalised service or care is a rarity, I have found peace and professionalism in Jenny’s teachings.  I refer to attendance to her programs as a realignment of the body and mind, perfect for stress and everyday life management.”
Margie Ardono, Director IRS Australia PL (t.a Instant RockStar)

“I have been massaged by Jenny and her team for about 14 years. She has developed over the time and I have always left feeling relaxed and ready for life again. I highly recommend her.”
Laurie M

“I was unsure of discussing my worries & raising strained emotions for myself, however with the help of Jennifer I felt comfortable to work through my concerns and together we came up with solutions to address these.  I found Jennifer to be extremely helpful and unjudgemental, and I have now moved on with my life feeling stronger about myself.”
From Janine

“Jennifer is a wonderful healer and masseuse who I have been massaged by for the past twenty years.  Not only do I maintain my body and contain my anxiety and stress levels through massage, but Jennifer’s belief in me and support for my well-being have been richly sustaining.”
Karilyn Fazio, Corporate Executive Coach (25 year client)


“Honestly I thought the class was great as it always is. In terms of the sequencing, it seems to me to be spot on – stretching and warming up, moving from floor to standing & back to floor with relaxation at each end. In addition to this, there was some Pranayama and chanting. It’s really well-rounded, with people encouraged to participate at their own level & gently supported to extend themselves. I think it’s great. What I like about a well-rounded practice is that there will definitely be parts that will challenge us that we may not like so much. For me it’s the standing poses & the salutes. But doing them brings enormous benefits and working through the not-so-comfortable practises is to me part of the discipline of yoga – and it is such an important part of life in general.”
Sarah Waters, Yoga Participant

“Jen’s facility has a wonderful sense of calm, she has created a place to go and get a hit of clarity, relaxation and fulfillment – and hope when needed!”
Paul (Yoga student)

“With small class sizes and a welcoming, warm and intimate setting, Jennifer always gives above and beyond to her students. With gentle encouragement and guidance, she works with each student to achieve their personal goals. Unlike some other yoga schools, you won’t blend into the background unnoticed.

Jennifer has intimate knowledge and experience with the workings of the human body. She confidently provides hands on instruction, making the necessary physical adjustments to correct the student’s alignment, ensuring the pose is being worked correctly.

My yoga practice has improved more in the last few months under Jennifer’s instruction, than elsewhere in the past five years!”
Poppy Key

“I have really enjoyed reconnecting with my yoga practice with Jen.  I have been recovering from a hip operation and I found the classess focussed, calming and intense enough to give me a great work out.  The relaxation at the beginning and end of the class is particularly good where Jen’s healing energy  shines through.  Above all else, I walk away feeling great and centred ready to tackle the week.”
Louise Grgat

“Breathe Well” Workshop Training with Christine Heart Savage

Testimonial 1, 28/3/2015, Rebecca Thornton – check out her YouTube video

I gained an awareness of my own breathing and learnt how to breathe more effectively. I definitely have a different awareness around my breathing now.  I noticed how my lungs feel when I breathe correctly, and that I was controlling my breath – now I will try to breathe more naturally.  The program has been very useful.

I will definitely recommend this program to my work colleagues.

Testimonial 2, 28/3/2015, Sandra Lonsdale – check out her YouTube video

Yes, I will recommend this program.  It has been useful to know the way we breathe and to be aware of our body.  I learnt that we breathe in three stages and we aimed to put the three into one.

I feel that after this program I will be able to control my body better and sleep better.  The delivery was clear, relaxed, friendly and open. I totally enjoyed it.

Testimonial 3, 28/3/2015, Sharon Bassat – check out her YouTube video

I have learned the correct breathing technique today – in which I felt myself relax internally. Being asthmatic I have never been able to breathe deeply. By the end of the session I noticed a difference.

A useful tool to use when confronted with a stressful situation.

I found the presentation to be clear.  I learn from seeing and doing. I would definitely recommend this program to others.


This is what Mike Flavell had to say about his recent Secret Men’s Retreat with us:

“I just want to let you know how much I enjoyed the Men’s Retreat. Your program plus the contribution of your Therapists and the other men all went to make it an enjoyable and fruitful day. I had many moments of reflection and insight as to how I want to go about shaping my future, the most enlightening of which was “it has to come from within”, meaning that it will be my story and my take on other peoples’ stories that will enable me to take whatever I do to a higher level.”




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