Spring Meditation - Bayside Meditation Workshops

Spring Meditation

As flowers begin to flourish and animals come out of hibernation, take time to be still and listen to the sounds of burgeoning springtime around you. To be able to meditate, we need to actually know what the prerequisites for it are. Read this straightforward information for those who are just beginning meditation, or for practiced meditators who would like to return to basics:

  • Firstly, things must be left behind. It is the process of deletion, not addition, of things from your mind. Preconceived notions, inaccurate memories and associations we have learned to recognise over the course of our lives should be cleared with deep breathing.
  • Reduce disturbances of the body, breath and mind. Agitation, dullness, distraction, thoughts that aren’t really well-focused should be avoided. Conscious monitoring of your thoughts should do this.

So, with this basic information in mind, try to meditate as you best know how, and indulge in the sounds, life but also the stillness of spring.