Seasonal Yoga Workshops - Karma Studio

Seasonal Yoga Workshops

Spring has once more brought the promise of warmth and growth and we instinctively feel one season end and a new one begin.

Here at the Karma Studio we have been running a very successful program of Seasonal Yoga Workshops. These workshops emphasise poses which activate specific organs and meridian lines appropriate to the season and its element. Autumn for instance represents the Metal element and focuses on the Lung and Large Intestine meridians, Winter is the Water element and hence activates the Bladder and Kidney meridian lines and next week we launch into Spring with a workshop looking at the Liver and Gall-bladder meridians identified with the Wood element.

This is a wonderful way not only to work through the body but also to be aware of the connections we have with nature and the passing of seasons. In the workshops we also look at the way seasons impact on our senses and emotions. We have just been through Winter when we should be  taking time to cleanse and assess our emotions, filtering out any fear, anxiety or negativity. Spring not surprisingly emphasises re growth and vitality. Also as the Wood element it is all about removing any uncompromising rigidity from our thoughts and aiming to keep our bodies, minds and souls open and flexible.

So if you tend to feel the seasonal flow understand that it is resonating deeply inside your body and energy system.