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My life’s journey of self discovery towards good health!

Reflecting back to my early teens I can’t say I ever felt very well.  This sense of unwell carried well into Adulthood for me.  My search earnestly began when I was 19.  24 years ago, trying everything under the sun to just feel at least ”ok” would have been enough.

To me the answers didn’t come easy and with the pace of life it seemed really hard to have the patience to stick with anything.

I feel like finally at 43 I have come full circle and started to attract exactly what I need to start feeling more than ok.

I still feel there is a long way for me and would love to share any amazing new discoveries with you each month.

It’s so overwhelming at times to feel like you need to make ALL the new changes straight up.  To me this mirrors a yo yo diet that has never been sustainable not to mention the expense of feeling like you have to replace everything in your pantry.

Firstly, think about making 1 or 2 changes each week no matter how small.

Even if out of the 2, 1 is a dietary change or addition and the other is a secret date with yourself where you set aside some time each week to do something special for yourself.  Massage & yoga for me has been a key regular bloodline in amongst my chaos.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Ayurvedic Medicine and have concerning health issues I strongly suggest you find out more.  In no less than 24 hours after I had a consultation with Dr Mahesh Kalra, found out what dosha my system was and changed my diet accordingly the results have been fast and beyond belief.  I discovered that the foods I have been drawn to over the years have been making me sicker and sicker to the point of hospitalisation on many occasions.  Maybe slightly sceptic or just too hard to deal with this information when you feel so sick it has taken me a long time to see the light and power of ‘food’ and your environment as medicine.  Shopping list at the ready.  A little planning makes the task and transition ahead smooth and exciting.

Planning is definitely the key and also not being too hard on yourself.  The 80/20 rule seems to work pretty well and gauging how you feel when eating that 20 percent is important.  I must say since sticking to my “Pitta” food plan my health has definitely improved and my inflammatory levels have decreased almost into remission levels.

Making this lifestyle change fun and varied because it is for the rest of your life not just another fad 🙂

The complete support I have received from The Karma Studio over the last 10 years in helping me on my path is beyond words.  Selfless acts of support and guidance time and time again.  I don’t know where I would be today if it wasn’t for their support.  Maybe still going around in circles… watch this space.

I now have a little person needing me to be well so on-wards I March towards good health!

Warmest regards

Louise Kersting