Meditation classes in a COVID-19 world

For many, COVID-19 has brought increased stress and anxiety to their world, at a time when they may not be able to attend organised meditation classes that can help manage stress and anxiety. Thankfully, organisations like The Karma Studio in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Sandringham have found a way around this, so you can de-stress from the comfort of your home!

Meditation classes provide significant benefits

Meditation is a great way of managing stress and anxiety, and can bring an inner peace that many other exercise sessions can’t.

According to the Mayo Clinic, meditation classes can:

  • Give participants a sense of peace, calmness and balance.
  • Help with emotional wellbeing and overall health.
  • Can help carry people through their day.
  • May help people manage symptoms of certain medical conditions.
  • Help clear away the information overload that many of us experience every day.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Help people focus on the present.
  • Reduce negative emotions.
  • Increase patience and tolerance.
  • Can help with medical conditions worsened by stress, such as anxiety and depression.

Not bad from simply closing your eyes and relaxing!

But, of course, it’s not as easy as that. For many, meditating on their own doesn’t maximise the potential benefits that meditation can provide. They may not be able to relax and forget about issues and practice true mindfulness.

Which is where meditation classes can really help. While the type of classes can vary, the principle behind most meditation classes is relatively similar, in that you’ll be guided to relax and let go, helping to achieve that mindfulness state where the benefits of meditation really start to kick in.

Meditation classes in the Bayside Melbourne suburb of Sandringham

The Karma Studio run meditation classes from their Bayside Melbourne studio in Sandringham. Not just any meditation, mind you. They run iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation classes.

While that may seem a mouthful, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation is a simple and accessible form of meditation designed for modern day living. What’s more, it’s incredibly effective. It’s based on the ancient tradition of Yoga Nidra, adapted to suit modern life. These meditation classes provide deep relaxation that release negative emotions and thoughts.

Best of all, iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation classes are available online from The Karma Studio during the COVID-19 lockdown. And their free!

The meditation classes are held each Tuesday from 7pm. All you need do is go to the iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation classes page on The Karma Studio website to book your free session.

Private, personalised online sessions are also available at a time that’s convenient for you. The one hour sessions cost $88 and are a great way of making sure you can manage stress and anxiety in this COVID-19 world.


Meditation classes are a great way of being guided to relax and release negative emotions and thoughts.